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Vegtable Garden

Vegetable Garden

Installed in 2008. Extra wide cedar planks, limestone screening paths, landscape fabric used on top of existing turf (needed for drainage in the area.) Concrete bases for posts and 8’ fence for deer prevention. Permanent beds for asparagus and strawberries, planting design includes tomatoes, lettuce, beans, peas, nasturtiums, eggplants, cucumbers and summer squash. All organic, no pesticides used.  

Saved approximately $250 in produce costs each year.


Four Season Perennial Beds Four Season Perennial Beds

Meandering Paths through the Four Season Perennial Beds

Installed in several stages, 2005-2008. Stone paths were added to define the growing spaces and to lead into the gardens. Paths were designed to complement existing plantings, and provide access and interest to new garden plantings. Most of the paths are narrow to slow the walker’s pace and draw attention onto the plants that are near it.  As an added benefit, muddy dog paw prints in the house were dramatically reduced, as the dogs had worn away the grass and plantings. 


Clematis Trellis Clematis Trellis Trellis with stone walkway

Stone walkway and Trellis with Clematis

Installed in 2008. The existing border did not permit access from the house directly down to the pond from the sunroom. The view was also partially blocked by overgrown shrubs. We relocated existing perennials, installed wide stone stairs to match the existing paths and framed the view from the sunroom and the path with a trellis. The opening was further enhanced with evergreen boxwood shrubs for winter interest. The clematis is in its third year in 2010 and has taken off.