Alison Hoffman

About Every Green Plant

Do you know how it is when you are involved in a project that makes you lose all track of time and no effort seems too much? That is the kind of gardener I have been for over 25 years.  Surely there is a word for this enthusiasm that generates energy and focus and joy. 

During the last 15 years I have had the good fortune to grow my own gardening roots in Barrington, Illinois.  Having acquired the first dirt under my fingernails in Dallas, Texas, where gardeners are seasoned with oven-blast heat June through September, gardening in Barrington is a refreshing delight!  Here we can grow things that do not have to survive egg-frying heat during the day. 

My garden roots are deep, going back several generations and whose beginnings enjoyed southern climates and longer growing seasons.  My plant-loving heritage includes a great-Aunt Clara Whitney of St. Joseph, Louisiana, who was a founding member of the Tensas Parish Floral Club (in 1928), and a great-grandfather who farmed extensively in the 19th century.

So, while I loved my corporate career for over 25 years, I decided to follow the source of my creative energy—which has been writing, teaching, consulting, and creating gardens for friends, acquaintances, neighbors and me.  In 2010, I launched Every Green Plant, my garden care and design firm, to follow this path seriously.

I am blessed to live with my husband, two dogs, two cats, and numerous wild birds and animals on a shared pond and a couple of acres of property in Barrington, Illinois. 

“Neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who causes the growth”
(1 Corinthians 3:7).